Spring 2020

Issue 7 Top-notch Tactics

Picture of Tortoise


A Fanciful “Frontier”: The Image of the Lone Cowboy in Disney World’s Frontierland and Its Impacts on Young Audiences
by Katherine McIntire

“Pity the Poor Working Girl”: Nylons, Work, Class, Ideology, and Politics in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1945-46
by Austin Davis

Stiefel-Whitney Classes and Unoriented Cobordism
by Dylan Galt

THESIS: Preface

Holding the LINE: The US Role in Combatting Information Warfare in Taiwan’s Electoral System
by Maggie Baughman

The Cute as Uncanny: How Doki Doki Literature Club! Subverts the Dating Sim Genre
by Megan Pan

Giulia Niccolai’s Abandonment of Photography: An Act of Subaltern Self-Awareness
by Bes Arnaout

MOTIVE: Preface

The Influence of Faith-Based Organizations on American Anti-Trafficking Policy: Understanding the cause and consequence of the prioritization of sex trafficking within the broad category of trafficking crimes in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000
by Nathnael Mengistie

The Future of Human Nature: Drawing the Line Between Genetic Enhancements and Genetic Therapy
by Asher Joy


A Fragmented Reality: Taiwan Behind Glass
by Amy Cass

The Country of Origin Effect in Dolce & Gabbana’s Commercial, “DG Loves China”
by Yuxi Zheng

Circles, Movement, and Temporality: (Re)Animating the Past in Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Miyazaki’s Spirited Away
by Liana Cohen


The Love of the Skylark
by Sandra Chen

The Invisible Man: Distribution of Blame for the Spread of HIV in African American Communities
by Debby Cheng


“These my Exhortations”: Reading “Tintern Abbey” as a Lesson to Dorothy
by Julia M. Walton