Asher Joy ’23 was born and raised in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. She plans to study economics and maybe get a certificate in finance. When she’s not studying, she enjoys working out, eating, and sleeping. She wrote this essay as a first-year. 

Alex Charles ’22 is a prospective Woodrow Wilson major who plans on pursuing a Statistics and Machine Learning certificate. On campus he enjoys working with students in the Writing Center, coaching in the Dillon Youth Basketball league, and competing on the University’s men’s soccer team. He wrote this as a sophomore.

Motive, Spring 2020

The Future of Human Nature: Drawing the Line Between Genetic Enhancements and Genetic Therapy

In a Tortoiseshell: In this excerpt of her essay on genetic enhancement and therapy, Asher Joy exemplifies how to create a motivated thesis by engaging in a complex, scientific debate. Drawing on interdisciplinary sources, Asher adds her own contribution to the debate at hand by pointing out a particular issue with the discourse surrounding genetic modifications and discusses the implications of such an error. Continue reading

Close Looking, Spring 2020

The Country of Origin Effect in Dolce & Gabbana’s Commercial, “DG Loves China”

In a Tortoiseshell: In this excerpt of her essay, Yuxi Zheng solidifies her thesis by analyzing scenes from Dolce & Gabbana commercials. Yuxi takes special care to break down the minute details of each scene to explain the messages conveyed through the dialog, acting, and directorial edits. By engaging in this close looking, Yuxi makes an astute argument that explains why D&G was not able to create an advertisement that successfully catered to the intended Chinese audience.  Continue reading