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The Placebo Effect and Depression: Who Is Susceptible and How Does It Work?

In a Tortoiseshell: In this excerpt of Saisai Chen’s “The Placebo Effect and Depression: Who is Susceptible and How Does it Work?,” we can see the defining characteristics of the conclusion of a science paper. By making the esoteric nature of a science paper accessible for the lay audience, Chen’s paper not only summarizes the main points of her paper and offers implications, but expands the potential reach of the paper as well.  Continue reading


Cast List: Social Performativity within Hamlet and Consequent Dramatic Abilities of the Play

In a Tortoiseshell: This excerpt from Victoria Gruenberg’s essay, “Cast List,” concerns the layers of performance in Hamlet and the implications for both the performers and the audience when experiencing the show. Because the essay deftly situates the complicated audience-performer relationships in the play and considers the broader questions Hamlet asks of metatheater, we believe this essay demonstrates the characteristics of a strong conclusion Continue reading