Spring 2016

Issue 3 learning the lexicon through successful and not (yet) successful writing

Picture of Tortoise

Thesis '14 THESIS: Preface

The Shade of the Body: Notions of Materiality in Rauschenberg’s Dante Series
by Eliza Mott

The Zodiac of the Beth Alpha Synagogue
by Hannah Tandy

Thesis: Works in Progress
by Harrison Blackman

Motive '14 MOTIVE: Preface

Politicized Nostalgia in Lat’s ‘The Kampung Boy’
by Jenny Silver

The immunological consequences of Caesarean sections as associated with host susceptibility to a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection
by Isabelle Gomes

Motive: Works in Progress
by Emily de La Bruyere

Orienting '14 ORIENTING: Preface

Tracy From Thirteen: A Case Study As A Reality Check On The Role Of Contextual Variables In The Development Of Psychopathology In Children And Adolescents
by Benjamin Gallo

A Nation of Maniacs: Understanding Commodified Mania Through Bipolar Narratives
by Alexandra Marino

Orienting: Works in Progress
by Sahand Keshavarz Rahbar

Evidence & Analysis '14 EVIDENCE & ANALYSIS: Preface

The Nature of Gender Inequality in Rousseau’s Second and Third Discourses
by Ali Houston

Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Collins: A Confluence of the Stupid and the Sinister
by Heather Newman

The “Immense Edifice”: Memory, Rapture, and the Intertemporal Self in Swann’s Way
by Andrew Mullen

Evidence and Analysis: Works in Progress
by Aparna Raghu

Structure '14 STRUCTURE: Preface

The Fishy Business of Transgenic Salmon: Explaining the Delay in the Mass Commercialization Process
by Eric Qiu

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf(stoncraft)?
by Lavinia Liang

Structure: Works in Progress
by Julia Johnstone


Moral Luck and the Law
by Daniel Teehan