Katherine McIntire ’23 is a first year from Massachusetts pursuing a major in Economics. She is a member of the Princeton women’s varsity lacrosse team, and her favorite pastimes include reading, playing with her dog, and drinking tea. She wrote this paper as a first year.

Malka Himelhoch ’21 is a junior in the Department of Religion interested in the ways law, religion, and the state intersect and how that intersection impacts women’s lives. She loves swimming, reading, hiking, and writing poetry. She wrote this as a junior. 

Spring 2020, Starting a Paper

A Fanciful “Frontier”: The Image of the Lone Cowboy in Disney World’s Frontierland and Its Impacts on Young Audiences

In a Tortoiseshell: In her paper, Katherine McIntire analyzes the Disney World theme park “Frontierland,” arguing that by relying on the historically inaccurate concept of the lone cowboy it promotes problematic values that are antithetical to Walt Disney’s philosophy. Her incredibly clear introduction orients the reader to the analytic work she plans to do and to the many sources she plans to consult while constructing her argument. By giving herself space to tease out the specifics of her primary source and the various key terms relevant to her argument, Katherine effectively lays the groundwork for her motive and thesis Continue reading